What is the Honeyfield's Story...

Farmer Honeyfield is a story based on the many farmers that practise Conservation Grade farming. Conservation Grade is not just one farmer but a collaboration of farmers across the UK who are passionate about working alongside nature. It is these farmers, manufacturers and of course your good selves that make the Honeyfield Story possible.

The Honeyfields Story is about valuing nature and reversing the damage done to some of our much loved wildlife, achieved through a network of farms, all practising nature friendly farming to produce food for brands people choose to buy. Ordinary people purchasing everyday items can guarantee the reverse in the loss of some of our much loved wildlife.

Farmers are paid a premium for the crop grown on a Conservation Grade Farm with at least 10% of the farm being managed actively for conservation. The farmers are trained, supported and their farm ecology is audited with a guarantee to not just slow, but to reverse biodiversity loss.

Conservation Grade farms are putting the habitats back, farmers growing two crops, one for food and one for nature. Together with your help we can deliver 1,000,000 acres of nature friendly farming and if all the farms joined together we could create the biggest nature reserve in Europe, managed by those who love the land.

Look out for the Conservation Grade logo on packs. When you see it, you are guaranteed there are ingredients inside which have been grown on a Conservation Grade farm. For more information please visit the Conservation Grade website at: www.conservationgrade.org